Are you bored and discouraged with your dull grey concrete floor? Do you wish you could turn your garage into a party room with pizzazz? Looking to add that special touch to your humdrum basement, office or retail floor? Just think how personalizing your concrete slab could turn a bland setting into a stunning showcase that you’ll love to display to friends, family, clients and guests. See how concrete polishing will enhance your home, office, or business. Let Elite Concrete Polishing show you how.

Drab damaged floor

  A drab damaged floor.

Whether you own commercial, residential, or industrial property, polishing concrete is an electrifying, affordable and extremely durable alternative to vinyl, carpet, hardwood, tile and other traditional flooring. Easy to maintain, resilient, enduring, concrete can be as gorgeous, striking or spectacular as your imagination can conjure up. Inlaid designs, colors and the look of marble without the high cost can all be within your reach, the only limitation is your imagination.

To understand how concrete is polished, a good analogy is sanding wood. To smooth a rough-sawn piece of wood, you would begin with a coarse piece of sandpaper progressing to a very fine piece of sandpaper. With concrete using specialty heavy duty industrial machines, Elite Concrete Polishing starts with coarse diamond impregnated metal tooling to grind the surface flat. Then using finer diamond impregnated resin tooling, we polish your concrete floor to a smooth and shiny finish. Once sealed, your personalized unique and distinctive image or pattern will be on display for one and all to see. See our Helpful Links for a breakdown of our process and benefits of polished concrete and also our Photo Gallery.

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